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Man sues Apple after finding women in videos to be more attractive than his wife

By Mason White 3:27 PM July 16, 2013
Chris Sevier  

By: John Roberts
An army veteran has filed a lawsuit against Apple for his failed marriage.

The army veteran, Chris Sevier, 36, who is also a lawyer, filed a 50-page complaint in federal court claiming that an innocent spelling mistake resulted in him viewing a pornographic image that “appealed to his biological sensibilities as a male and led to an unwanted addiction,” which then “poisoned his life” and ruined his marriage.

Sevier claimed that he began desiring younger, more beautiful women, featured in porn videos more than he desired his wife.

Sevier said that Apple ruined his marriage after he accidentally typed F***book instead of Facebook in the company’s web browser, and the company’s search results showed pornographic images.

Sevier said the spelling mistake he made in Apple’s Safari, introduced him to a lot of inappropriate images that caused him to become addicted. The 36-year-old has filed a complaint with the Supreme Court of Tennessee, holding the technology giant responsible because they should have installed a filter.

“The plaintiff is a victim of an Apple product that was sold to him without any warning of the harms,” the complaint states. “In using Safari, the plaintiff accidentally misspelled, which led him to f *** and a number of websites were shown that took him to images that led to an unwanted addiction with adverse consequences.

Sevier claims that viewing porn had caused his marriage to fail because he began to find the young women in the online video clips more attractive than his wife.
His addiction caused his marriage to fail. His failed marriage caused him emotional distress to the point where he had to be hospitalized.