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Woman finds other women willing to sleep with her boyfriend

By Mason White 6:44 PM July 18, 2013
Tom Hayden and Abigayle Woodburn 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A woman said she likes to watch her boyfriend sleep with random women.

She even found a woman on the internet, who was willing to sleep with him.

Abigayle Woodburn, 22, of United Kingdom, said she loves her boyfriend of three years. She also likes to watch him sleep with other women in their bed.
Instead of feeling angry and humiliated, Woodburn insists that she enjoys the experience of seeing her personal trainer boyfriend, Tom Hayden, 27, sleep around.

Woodburn, who is a finance director, has a 3-year-old daughter, from a previous relationship. She acknowledged that most people think it is strange, but she said it works for them and “we love it”. Woodburn, of Bolton, was not always happy to see her boyfriend with other women.

“Life seemed perfect until a year ago when I came home early and caught him in bed with another woman,” Woodburn said. “When I opened the door, I yelled at them and the woman grabbed her clothes and ran,” she said.
She was distraught and could not understand how Hayden could betray her like that. She did not like the fact that he brought another woman into their bed.

After that incident, Woodburn went to live with her mother. Her family wanted her to leave her cheating boyfriend, but instead of leaving Hayden, she took steps that would make most women cringe.
“I realized I could not live without him, he is my world,” she said.

He later revealed his secret that he had been sleeping with other women for over a year. “He said he had a thrill of the unknown and he was addicted to sex with strangers, who he met on the internet. He was adamant that he was not in love with any of those women and had not paid any of them, I was horrified,” Woodburn said.

She realized that if she wanted to be with Hayden, she will have to accept his addiction.
“Curiosity got the better of me and I looked online at the sites where he found these women,” she said. She was surprised to see there were hundreds of women, who wanted a one night or threesome with strangers.

“As I searched, something strange happened. I found myself getting excited. That’s when I had the idea that I can be part of this, as sort of a threesome, with me watching,” Woodburn said.
“When I told my boyfriend, his eyes lit up. Other women probably think I’m crazy, but I know the kind of relationship we have. It’s very trusting,” she said.

To join the strange process, Woodburn decided to choose the next woman for her boyfriend. She went online to choose someone for her man to sleep with.
“I explained that I don’t want to get involved physically, I’d just be watching. We sent photos of Tom and she agreed to visit us on the weekend. We chose to keep the strange woman’s appearance a surprise in order to increase the excitement,” she said.

Woodburn is not worried about the potential risks to her health, as he always uses a condom.
Woodburn admits that at the beginning she felt a bit jealous and she asked her boyfriend if the women were better than her, but then she got used to it.

“Since Abigayle has been watching me with other women, our relationship has become stronger than ever. We have an amazing sex life and there are no secrets between us,” Hayden said.

“To me, she is sexually attractive and someone who I will always love, so she knows she has nothing to worry about,” he said. “My family knows about our arrangement. My mother finds it very difficult to deal with it and wants me to leave him. But they have to accept that this is our relationship and it works for us,” she said.