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Parents cut off man’s privates so he cannot marry their daughter

By Mason White 7:06 PM July 18, 2013
Hospital illustration 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A woman decided to marry the love of her life, but her family did not like the man, whom she chose for herself.

The man and the woman, who loved each other, decided to go ahead with their marriage even after her family refused to give their blessings for the marriage.

The couple decided to flee their city and relocate to another city, where they can get married and live in peace, far away from her family. When the parents heard of their daughter’s plans, they decided to stop the marriage at any cost.

The family allegedly kidnapped the man during a meeting and cut off the his private parts so he won’t be able to marry the woman.
The man who was identified as Rabih A., 39, from the city of Akkar Hrar, in Lebanon. He was found injured on a street in the city of Aley Baissour with his private parts missing.

Lebanese Red Cross paramedics took the man to the West Shahar Hospital with life-threatening injuries.
The incident started after Rabih eloped with the woman, identified as Rudeina M., who comes from the city of Baissour.

When the girl’s family found out that the couple fled, they began looking for her, until they learned that Rabih and Rudeina were in a villa in Tabarja.

They went to meet the couple and brought them back to Baissour, where the man was beaten and his private parts were cut off after being kidnapped from a restaurant. He was dumped in the town square. Rabih arrived at the hospital suffering from extreme fatigue after being brutally beaten.

“The man arrived at the hospital without his privates, and his testicles were destroyed,” a security officer said.