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Returning soldier surprises wife and kids with scuba diving reunion

By Mason White 11:10 AM July 19, 2013
Soldier surprises wife and kids  

By: Debbi Gross
(Scroll down for video) A mother, who took her kids scuba diving, had the surprise of her life, when she suddenly spotted her husband in the water.

This was a special moment for a U.S. soldier, who had been serving in Afghanistan for six months. He returned earlier than his family expected and surprised his wife and kids.

U.S. Air Force Captain Hyrum Bronson was wearing scuba equipment before emerging from under the water for an emotional reunion.
His wife Bethany Bronson thought it would be another three weeks before her husband returns home.

While the family was in the water, a family friend recorded a video message for him, which was promised to be sent to him via Facebook. One of his daughter’s said: “I love him and I will love him for always.” His wife said: “I love you, miss you, I want your body.”

Seconds later, Captain Bronson appeared from under the water, saying: “Mrs. Bronson, your husband is here, reporting for duty.”
As his children ran to him, an emotional Bethany remained mute in the water before receiving a warm hug.

The couple remained locked in each others arms, while their children stood nearby screaming “daddy daddy”. They were all so happy to see him. It was an overwhelming moment for the soldier to see his family again. The Bronsons have four children together.

“After being in Afghanistan for six months and three months training in the States with only a short month home in between, which is finally home! Mrs. Bronson wrote on YouTube.

In a comment on YouTube one person wrote:
“I know you love your wife, but please give those precious kids some attention!”

To which Captain Bronson replied:
“Oh believe me, they have gotten tons of attention from daddy the last few days. The video ended before I could pull myself together, but right after it ended, I hugged all the kids, and I have been with them almost non stop since then! They are precious and they love having their daddy home!”