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Two New York men rape teenager then throw her off three-story roof top

By Mason White 5:58 PM July 22, 2013
Antonio Owensford 

By: Sarah Weiss
A married father of two, and his friend were arrested after raping a 16-year-old girl and then tossing her off the roof top when they were done with her.

It all began when the married man, Anwar Desouza, 24, of Brooklyn New York, connected with the teen through

The girl arrived to his apartment, which he shares with his wife and two young sons, on Sunday at 3:00 am.
As they were going up to the roof, the pair ran into Antonio Owensford, 26, who joined them, according to reports.
The teenager was allegedly offered $100, but when the men told her that they will not be using condoms, she refused and she wanted to back out of the deal.

The men began to argue with her. Owensford and Desouza suddenly attacked the teenager and began choking and raping her, according to police.
Owensford then allegedly threw the girl over the ledge of the building and she landed in the backyard.

Emergency workers were called to the scene and rushed the injured teen to the hospital, where doctors treated fractures in her arm and leg.
Detectives found Desouza’s phone number in the phone of the teenager. He was arrested shortly thereafter. He was booked on a number of charges including rape, assault and strangulation. He is being held on $250,000 bail.

His friend, Antonio Owensford, of Brooklyn, who is accused of pushing the teen off the roof, claims “everything was consensual,” according to his attorney.
Seems like the judge did not believe that throwing the teen of the rooftop was consensual, as he is being held without bail on 20 criminal charges including attempted murder, predatory sexual assault, strangulation and rape.