Florida teacher fired after extinguishing fire at school

Michelle Hammack protests after being fired 
By: Shifra Unger

(Scroll down for video) A day care teacher was fired after putting out a fire at her school.

While most people see the teacher as a hero, the administration at the day care facility in Florida does not. The administration did not like what she did and she was fired.

Michelle Hammack worked at the Little Temples Childcare facility in Arlington, Florida. One day, while her students were napping, she smelled a fire in the school. Naturally, she went to investigate. "I just looked around and saw that there was a fire in the oven,"

Hammack said. "I ran there, opened it to try to put the fire out, and the fire alarm went off," she also said. Hammack grabbed a fire extinguisher, turned off the oven, and then, she opened the oven and put out the fire.

Hammack then rushed back to her classroom. She woke up her sleeping students and took them outside. All other teachers at the school did the same. After she did a head count of her students, Hammack returned to school to make sure the fire had not spread.

The fire department came to the school and they inspected the area. The fire had already been extinguished by Hammack and the area was deemed safe. Staff and students were allowed to re-enter the school.

But instead of being applauded for her handling of the fire, Hammack was fired.
"She was fired just because she left her classroom," the owner of the day care, Olga Rozhaov, said. "Even though the children were sleeping, she had to stay in class," she said.

Hammack said that the fire probably would have spread if she did not put it out. She is upset that she was fired for putting out the fire. "I did not start the fire. I put it out," she said.

But Rozhaov is standing behind her decision to fire Hammack.
"It is not acceptable, and if someone else will do it, I’m going to fire them as well," Rozhaov said.