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Teen gets pregnant by her grandfather

By Mason White 2:33 PM July 26, 2013
Pregnant woman illustration 

By: Sarah Weiss
In a weird situation, a teenager became pregnant by her own grandfather.

After she became pregnant, the 19-year-old told her parents about her relationship with her grandfather.

Then, she told her parents that she became pregnant by her grandfather. The family, who lives in Avoca Village in Filabusi, Zimbabwe, were outraged when the teen admitted to sleeping with not only one, but both of her grandfathers. The woman did not know which one of them got her pregnant.

What makes this situation even more weird, is that the two men, who were involved in the incestuous relationship with their granddaughter, are actually brothers. That makes the teens parents first cousins.

The brothers, Martin Ndlovu, 76, and Khulekani Ndlovu, 60, are reportedly pointing fingers and blaming each other. The family has gotten into a bitter dispute over the issue.
The brothers reportedly knew of each other’s affair with their granddaughter, but none of them was willing to stop, and they continued taking turns with her.

Upon discovering that she was pregnant, the older sibling, who is the paternal grandfather, reportedly claimed that he is too old to get the girl pregnant.
However, the younger brother also refused to take full responsibility. “I cannot take full responsibility as my brother was also sleeping with her,” Martin said.

The family will have to wait till the baby is born in order to know who the father is.