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Neiman Marcus settles lawsuit by woman who tried to return $1.4 million in gifts from former husband

By Mason White 11:51 AM July 30, 2013
Patricia Walker, Robert Tennison
and his alleged mistress Favi Lo 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) After she divorced her husband, a woman tried to return over one million dollars in valuable items to Neiman Marcus.

The woman tried to return $1.4 million in goods, which she received from her former husband while they were married.

After the company refused to give her a refund for the items, the woman filed a lawsuit against Neiman Marcus.

Patricia Walker, who lives in University Park, Texas, wanted to return the gifts after learning that her former husband, Robert Tennison, had been having an affair with her Neiman Marcus personal shopper, Favi Lo, who received a large commission on the purchases.

The store claimed that they had no obligation to accept the goods calling her suit “nothing more than the ventings of a scorned woman.”
Walker received the collection of jewelry, clothing, accessories and artwork during the three years she had been recovering from a serious car accident.

During a hearing, Neiman’s attorney, Walter Herring, told the judge that there was no written policy regarding in-store and catalog returns, saying that the decision is being made at individual stores at the manager’s discretion.
The lawsuit has now reportedly been settled, but court documents related to the case have been sealed.