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Woman, 91, killed by wheelchair driven by elderly person at 4 mph

By Mason White 11:36 AM July 31, 2013
Grace Lodge nursing home 

By: Debbi Gross
An elderly woman was killed after being hit by a wheelchair at a nursing home.

Joan Woods, 91, of England, who lived at the Grace Lodge nursing home in Walton, Liverpool, was knocked down and killed by another resident of the nursing home after she was driving an electric wheelchair at four miles per hour.

The elderly woman was using a four-legged walking cane when she was struck and knocked off-balance by the other woman.
The great-grandmother was rushed to a hospital after suffering head injuries. She died nine days after the incident.

Now, the Health and Safety commissioner is investigating the tragedy at the nursing home. Liverpool coroner Andre Rebello, ruled the death as accidental, therefore, police are not investigating, and the elderly woman, who drove the wheelchair will not be charged.

The Health and Safety department is investigating whether electric wheelchairs should be banned from nursing homes.
“We are investigating in accordance with ¬≠safeguarding procedures and consulting with the Care Quality Commission,” a Liverpool council spokesperson said.

91-year-old Woods is survived by her son Jack, her ­grandchildren Susan, Catherine, and Helen, She also left behind five great-grandchildren.