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Canadian lawmakers propose yarmulke and other religious items ban in public offices

By Mason White 2:13 PM August 21, 2013
Jewish woman with head covering 

By: Eva Fett
According to a report, there is a new law proposal in Quebec, which calls to ban people from wearing religious symbols in public places.

The ban will first be applicable to judges, police officers and other areas of public administration. The ban includes the Jewish kippa, the Muslim hijab, and the Christian cross.

According to reports, the Parti Quebecois (PQ), a leftist provincial political party in Quebec, plans to introduce legislation prohibiting religious head coverings in government offices, schools, hospitals and any place that receives public funding.
They want everyone to be equal and leave their “religious symbols” at home. Women and girls will also have to remove their head coverings and veils before entering these government-funded places.

The ban might include the ultra-Orthodox Jewish tichel covering, but no word yet on whether Jewish women will have to remove their wigs before entering these places.
Crucifixes will be included in the ban, but not the large crucifix, as it is a symbol of national heritage of Quebec and is not considered a religious symbol.

There is a consensus among all three parties in Quebec parliament to prohibit a man or a woman, who uses a public service including health services, to request that they be served by a person of the same gender.
There is also said to be a consensus in favor of allowing Muslim women and Jewish “Taliban women” to wear their niqab and the burqa in public places, which is currently banned in France.