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Child arrested after selling hundreds of weapons online

By Mason White 5:19 AM August 1, 2013
The weapons found in the child’s home 

By: Moses Gold
A child was arrested and charged with illegal weapons possession related charges after he was caught selling hundreds of weapons on the internet, according to police reports in Spain.

Spain Police said that a minor near the city of Toledo, has been arrested by the police for selling hundreds of illegal weapons online. Authorities found a huge arsenal of weapons in his home.

Authorities said Tuesday that he was detained by the Spanish National Police in the town of Mount Casarrubios on charges of illegal weapons possession, production and sale of illegal weapons.

In the suspect’s home, police found more than 200 illegal weapons such as daggers, knives, brass knuckles, pepper spray, tasers and rifles, also disguised as mobile phones. Apparently the latter was the best-selling online at a cost of 40 euros each.
The selection of Italian switch blades had Nazi SS inscriptions.

The child apparently even made his own brass knuckles, with various molds and sold them for 25 euros each.
Although police did not reveal the suspect’s age, they did state that he was under 18 years.

Authorities believe the suspect sold most of the weapons on a website. Several investigations led them to the house of the child.
Toledo has a tradition as the sword and knife capital of Spain, and it seems the young child followed the tradition.