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Dunkin’ Donuts to open new branch in Williamsburg Brooklyn

By Mason White 2:47 PM August 2, 2013
Location of the new Dunkin’ Donuts 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
Residents in the Williamsburg section in Brooklyn, New York are rejoicing after learning that Dunkin’ Donuts will open a branch in the area.

Soon, visitors to fast growing hipster area in Williamsburg will have a new first impression when jumping out of the subway station on Bedford Avenue, Dunkin’ Donuts.

The fast expanding chain with more than 3,100 franchises around the world is moving in on prime real estate at the corner of Bedford Avenue and North Seventh Street. The previous tenants were priced out of the location.

“I bet in a month or two they will be in operation,” Halina Jankowski, the previous tenant, and owner of the Northside Pharmacy, which occupied the space for the last 15 years and has moved one block to Driggs Avenue, said. “They started building around last month. They are working hard,” Jankowski said.

Company representatives confirmed that the chain was actually setting up shop, but made no comment when the new store will be opened.

The Dunkin’ Donuts location will be a sharp contrast to trendy and hip restaurants in the area.