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Drunken man jailed after falling asleep on top of car

By Mason White 3:26 AM August 4, 2013
Pedro Garcia 

By: Eva Fett
A man was arrested and charged with trespassing related charges after he was caught sleeping on another man’s car, according to police reports in Florida.

Fort Pierce Police said that a man, Pedro Garcia, broke with convention, and chose to sleep on top of a car belonging to another local man.

At 1:25 am, police ran into the sleeping man after being sent to an address in the 700 block of El Rancho Drive. There had been a report of an intoxicated man sleeping on top of another man’s car.

When an officer arrived, the man, in fact, was sleeping on the car.
The vehicle owner told police that the man rejected his requests to leave and continued to sleep.
The statement did not say whether the man was sleeping on the trunk, on the roof or on another part of the vehicle.

The sleeping man, who smelled of alcohol, identified himself as Carlos Gonzalez.
“He said he lives on the street, but could not explain why he was sleeping on the car,” the arresting police officer said.
The sleeping man, who was not asleep at the wheel, led police to a nearby house.

A person at the house told police that the man’s real name is Pedro Garcia, not Carlos Gonzalez.
Then, the man told the deputy his name is indeed Pedro Garcia.

Garcia, 24, of the 700 block of El Rancho Drive, was arrested on charges of trespassing, resisting an officer and obstruction without violence.