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Washington highway shut down after animal parts were dumped on road

By Mason White 3:39 AM August 4, 2013
Animal parts dumped on a road 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
A busy highway was shut down by police after animal parts were found dumped on the road, according to police reports in Washington.

Washington State Police said that animal parts were dumped on Interstate 5 Thursday night, and that police were directing traffic away from the scene during the cleanup period.

The spill forced the closure of two northbound I-5 lanes at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord military base, about 10 miles south-southwest of Tacoma. A front end loader was called to the scene to remove the animal parts, and traffic was blocked in both lanes for several hours.

“I know this does not look good, but trust me, it smells even worse!” Washington State Police spokesperson Guy Gill said.
At 7:30 pm, the spokesperson said that the truck driver, who lost the animal parts, will be fined for failing to secure the load of a truck. However, it is still unclear why the animal parts were in the truck in the first place.