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Woman receives no jail after pleading guilty to killing her baby with rat poison

By Mason White 4:01 AM August 4, 2013
Bei Bei Shuai 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested, charged and convicted of killing her baby with rat poison.

Now, she was sentenced to time served as part of a plea bargain agreement, according to court proceedings in Indiana.

Indianapolis prosecutors said that a Chinese immigrant accused of killing her baby by eating rat poison while she was pregnant, pleaded guilty Friday to a misdemeanor charge of criminal recklessness as part of a plea deal.

Bei Bei Shuai, 36, pleaded guilty to criminal negligence and sentenced to time served, which was 178 days, the Marion County Prosecutor, Terry Curry, said. The woman had been charged with murder, but those charges were dropped as part of the plea agreement.

Curry said that his office decided to accept the lesser charges after the prosecution suffered major setbacks in court. He said he decided to accept the lesser charge instead of appealing those court rulings that destroyed the state’s case against the woman.

“The evidentiary rulings made our case too difficult to proceed,” he said. “We felt it was appropriate to resolve this case with a conviction and with some recognition of guilt so that everyone can move on,” Curry said.

Prosecutors had argued that Shuai, a native of Shanghai, killed her son by eating rat poison when she was eight months pregnant. Shuai gave birth to Angel. The baby died three days later.

The plea agreement states that the two sides believe that the sentence will not result in adverse immigration consequences, and if it does, the plea agreement can be vacated.