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New York spa now offering bird poop facials

By Mason White 8:00 AM August 4, 2013
Shizuka Bernstein 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) Who said bird poop is all bad. A New York spa is offering bird poop facials for a hefty price.

The luxury spa is offering the traditional Japanese treatment made from imported Asian nightingale droppings mixed with rice bran for $180 each.

About 100 men and women go to the Shizuka New York skin salon, just off Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, each month to receive this treatment, which is touted as a way to keep the face soft and smooth.

Spa owner Shizuka Bernstein, a native of Tokyo married to a U.S. citizen, has been offering what she calls the Geisha Facial, for the past five years.

“I bring the Japanese beauty secrets to the United States,” Bernstein, who learned the treatment from her mother, said.

The Geisha Facial poop treatment, while relatively rare in the United States, is secret in Japan, where it was first used in the 1600s by actors and geishas.

“That’s why Japanese grandmothers have beautiful skin,” Duke Klauck, owner of the Ten Thousand Waves spa in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offering the bird poop facial for $129 said.