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Israeli soldier wins 27 million lotto jackpot

By Mason White 5:39 PM August 4, 2013
The Israeli soldier who won 27 million shekels 

By: Shifra Unger
An Israeli soldier has single-handedly conquered the lottery by winning millions of shekels in one week, according to a statement released by Israeli lottery officials.

The soldier learned of his winnings upon returning home from his army base last Friday. The soldier won 27 million shekels or about $7.3 million.

The soldier, who lives in southern Israel, bought lotto tickets totaling 290 shekels, or about $80 in Ashkelon on his way to the army base. When he arrived home to his family, he received the great news that he had won the first prize of the Israel national lottery, which totaled 26 million shekels.

If 26 million shekels was not enough, the soldier also won the second prize, adding another 1 million shekels to his winnings.

On Sunday, the soldier came along with his father to the Mifal Hapayis, or the government sponsored company running the lottery, in Tel Aviv to claim his money. His check totaled 27,072,404 shekels. The father and son wore masks on their faces when posing for pictures with the check.

“I have big plans for my money,” the soldier said. “My two feet are now firmly on the ground. I’m going to put the money into a savings plan in one bank and I’ll live off the monthly interest,” he said.

He intends to use the interest to pay for college and rent. The young man also promised to take care of his parents and his three siblings, with the money.

Mifal Hapayis was founded in 1951, and it funds public projects. The funds go to pay for schools, hospitals, and community centers throughout Israel.