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Virginia mother arrested after making child porn videos with her own children

By Mason White 5:01 AM August 5, 2013
Kanealeen Latouche 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with production of child porn related charges after she was caught making child porn videos with her own children, according to police reports in Virginia.

Chesapeake Police said that a mother, who is accused of using her children to make child pornography, appeared in court on Wednesday.

Kanealeen Latouche, 22, has been formally charged with 30 offenses.
Also in court was the mother of Latouche.

“I do not think that my daughter did what she is accused of doing, you know. She loves her children. She takes care of her children,” the mother of Latouche said.

Police said that the boy and the girl used for the production of child porn videos are two and three-years-old.
According to the arrest warrants filed in court, Latouche sexually abused the children and produced child pornography. The charges also state that she planned to sell the videos.

At this point, no one knows why Chesapeake Police began investigating Latouche in the first place. Nor is it clear what evidence they found during their investigation.

Police said cases like this are rare. In fact, it is the first case of child pornography involving a mother and a child relationship being investigated by the Internet Crimes Against Children Unit since 2010.

Latouche now remains behind bars. But, at a hearing on Friday, a judge will decide whether to grant her bail. Latouche is also scheduled to appear in court next month for a preliminary hearing.