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New York police raid apartment after finding prop bomb in trash

By Mason White 11:15 AM August 5, 2013
Ethan Fishbane 

By: Sarah Weiss
An apartment was raided by police after they found a prop bomb outside of the apartment in a trash can, according to police reports in New York.

A New York City playwright said he was embarrassed when a bomb squad raided his building after a suicide bomb belt prop was found in the trash.

Ethan Fishbane, 23, had thrown away the bomb prop on Tuesday, while cleaning his apartment on Bedford Street before moving away.
“I did not think twice because literally, it was two blocks of clay, a cut calculator, and some Gameboy cables. It’s something stupid. The belt was actually like a training belt, something that I bought at sports authority,” Fishbane said.

The building super noticed the bomb prop in the trash the next night and notified authorities.
New York Police Department units and detectives from across Manhattan responded to the scene.

“The police detectives covered Bedford Street,” Fishbane said. “They were cutting open trash bags. The entire street was a bit crowded,” he said.

“They came to knock on my door,” he added. “At first, I did not know what they were talking about. Then, I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I think that’s my prop. I believe it’s mine,’” he said.
Fishbane said he has no plans to write more plays about terrorists or bombs in the short term.