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Burger King employee fired after he was photographed lying on a pile of hamburger buns

By Mason White 10:06 AM August 5, 2013
Burger King employee lying on a pile of hamburger buns 

By: David Ross
An employee did a stupid thing, and now he is suffering the consequences.

A Burger King spokesperson said in a statement that an employee has been fired after tweeting a photo of himself lying in a pile of hamburger buns.

The Japanese man has since deleted the photo from his Twitter account, which contained other pictures of him playing with equipment at the store.

“How many Whopper Juniors do you think it has made? See if you can figure it out yourself.” He wrote along with the image on his account, @inotayuta.

The dirty bucket placed next to all the buns also caused a stir in Japan’s biggest online forum, and many people called on the company to take action.

Many people also emailed the company demanding action be taken against him given firm country’s strict expectations of customer service and food preparation.

Burger King Japan issued a statement apologizing for the incident and said that none of the rolls was served to customers.

The company said the employee explained that the buns were leftovers, which were thrown away after the photo was taken. The company also said that it plans to re-train staff in customer service and sanitation.