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38 Jews attacked by Arabs last month

By Mason White 5:31 PM August 5, 2013
Palestinian stone thrower 

By: Moses Gold
The number of Jews being attacked by Arabs is on the rise again, according to a report by Israeli officials.
The Israeli army and the Israel Security Agency have posted last month’s figures.

In one month alone, 38 Jewish Israelis were reportedly injured by Palestinian terrorism. The number could be even higher as not every incident is being reported to the authorities.

Among the victims is a small child, who suffered a head injury, when Arabs threw rocks in the Old City of Jerusalem. Another eight-year-old Jewish boy was wounded by stone throwers, and yet another baby was injured when Palestinians threw stones at an Israeli passenger bus.

Three agents of the Israeli Border Police were injured when a bomb exploded in the Jerusalem suburb of Abu Dis, and an ultra-orthodox Jewish man suffered serious injuries when an Arab stabbed him at a park.

There were even more attacks not resulting in injury. For example, there were at least 55 fire bombings against Jewish motorists in the West Bank, last month.

Israeli forces also managed to avoid numerous terrorist attacks before they could be carried out. In Hebron, Border Patrol agents arrested an Arab with a knife in his hand before he could stab his intended target, and another man was arrested carrying bomb-making materials in his car.

Even more numerous were the Arab acts of vandalism against Jewish property and institutions across the country, according to a report in Israel Hayom. In particular, young Arabs tried to remove the mezuzah, a container with a Jewish prayer, in the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, the biblical place where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, are buried along with Sarah, Rebecca and Leah.