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Police slash tires of man’s car speeding after wife about to give birth in ambulance

By Mason White 3:38 AM August 6, 2013
Police chase illustration 

By: Shifra Unger
A man was stopped from being near his pregnant wife when she was about to give birth after police officers slashed the tires of his vehicle, according to police reports in California.

San Diego Police used spike strips to stop a speeding, swerving motorist on Interstate 15 on Friday night, and then found out he was trying to follow an ambulance carrying his pregnant wife.

An officer saw a vehicle swerving back and forth across the highway lanes on southbound Rancho Penasquitos Boulevard around 10:40 pm and thought it might be a drunk driver, police said.

The officer tried to stop the driver, who kept on going as more officers and a police helicopter joined the chase. The driver took State Route 163 south and the police used a spike strip near Balboa Avenue to flatten one or more of his tires, police said.

The driver then stopped, went in and out of his car several times, and finally followed officers orders to move away from his vehicle. He was arrested at gunpoint.

Then he explained that he was just trying to get to the hospital with his pregnant wife. The police found out that the paramedics had taken his wife to a hospital, and the man was released, officer Gerry Waclawek said.

He said officers decided to take a report and forward it to the District Attorney’s Office to decide whether to file a charge of failure to yield against the father to be.