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California couple jailed in Qatar after starving their daughter to death

By Mason White 10:57 AM August 6, 2013
Matt and Grace Huang and their children 

By: David Ross
A U.S. couple was arrested and charged with murder related charges after their daughter died of hunger, according to court proceedings in Qatar.

The couple from Los Angeles, California, has been jailed after their 8-year-old daughter died, according to a nonprofit legal group that has been on the case and is trying to get publicity to what it claims is a wrongful arrest.

Matt and Grace Huang, who are currently living in Qatar, were arrested shortly after their daughter, Gloria, died, Alex Simpson, associate director of the nonprofit California Innocence Project, said. The Huangs adopted the child when she was 4-years-old from Ghana.

The two other children of the couple, who were also adopted from Africa, have been banned from leaving the country and are in the care of their grandmother. The grandmother also lives in Qatar.

According to the California Innocence Project, the Huangs moved to Qatar last year so that Matt Huang could work as an engineer for two major infrastructure related projects.

When Gloria died, she had not eaten in four days, leading Qatari officials to believe that her parents starved her to death.