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Man arrested after blowing up family dog because the world is ending

By Mason White 5:14 AM August 7, 2013
Christopher Dillingham 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged after he decided to blow up his dog because the world is coming to an end, according to police reports in Washington.

Skamania County Police said that a father with children, who was preparing for the end, blew up a Labrador Retriever because the devil was inside the dog.

Christopher Dillingham, 45, allegedly attached a bomb to his dog and detonated it around 4:00 am, on Sunday, outside his home.
Skamania County Sheriff Dave Brown, who lives nearby, said the explosion woke him up.

“It sounded like a high-powered rifle going off outside my window,” he said.
After a series of police calls, deputies were sent to the home of Dillingham. The dog’s remains were found scattered on the patio and Dillingham was arrested.

Dillingham told Skamania County deputies “the world is going to end due to a nuclear attack that was being prepared.”
Officers found a broken window and personal belongings outside the house when they arrived.

When asked why he was throwing objects out of his house and on the lawn, he said he believed that “the souls of demons were within the metal objects at his home.”

Dillingham said that his former girlfriend gave him the dog, Cabella, and “put the devil in it.” He told the deputies that he made the explosive device in his home using black powder from fireworks.

Then, he allegedly tied it around the neck of the dog. He also allegedly told deputies he got behind a wall before activating the device, not wanting to get injured by debris.
The children were not injured.

Dillingham was charged with second-degree malicious mischief, reckless endangerment and possession of explosives, but not animal cruelty. The prosecutor said that the charge would have been used if the animal would have suffered, but the dog died on the spot. He is being held on bail of $500,000.