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Florida police dispatcher arrested after stealing female co-worker’s exposed photos from her cellphone

By Mason White 5:29 AM August 7, 2013
Omar Trevino 

By: Sarah Weiss
A man was arrested and charged with theft related charges after he stole exposed pictures from his female co-worker’s cellphone, according to police reports in Florida.

Palm Beach County Police said that a dispatcher is accused of stealing one of the cellphones of his co-worker, finding photos of her exposing her breasts, and sending them to his email account.

Omar Trevino, 31, also admitted secretly going through the mobile phones of his female co-workers when they sit next to his, while the phones are left unattended.

Trevino is currently on paid administrative leave, sheriff’s spokesperson Eric Davis said.
The co-worker said she was away from her desk when Trevino, without permission, took her phone. He allegedly sent the photos to himself and then showed them to another co-worker.

Trevino was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on charges of illegal access of computers.
Trevino allegedly showed a picture of two women with exposed breasts to his co-worker. The two women were dispatchers at the sheriff’s office. When Trevino was asked how he obtained the images, Trevino said he got them off the phone of a co-worker while she was on break.

The women told detectives that they did not give anyone permission to access their phones, and that their devices did not have passwords. The women allowed detectives to search the phone, and they found that the pictures were sent to Trevino’s email.