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Man ordered to pay beggar nearly $8,000 after calling her fat

By Mason White 11:31 AM August 7, 2013
The SAQ liquor store 

By: Debbie Gross
A man is shocked after he was ordered to pay a beggar thousands of dollars because he called her fat, according to court proceedings in Canada.

The Montreal man, who called a beggar fat and questioned her mental state, has been ordered to pay the woman $7,708.

The Human Rights Commission of Quebec ordered the man to pay the sum to the woman after he wrote an email that was considered discriminatory to a store manager in 2010. The store in question is the SAQ liquor store.

The commission heard that the woman, who is about 60-years-old, suffers from a degenerative bone disease. The woman panhandles outside the store for a few hours on Friday and Saturday to complement her social assistance benefits.

The man’s email described the woman as overweight, a drunk and with no apparent IQ.
The email suggested “solutions” to the problem of begging in the city, including a “Chinese solution”, which proposes that each beggar receives “a bullet in the neck and a bill for the bullet to the family of the deceased bum.”

A customer service representative of the SAQ liquor store said that SAQ had previously received hostile emails from the man.
The store decided to shared the email with the woman, who was advised by police to take her complaint to the human rights commission.

The human rights commission rejected the argument of the man that the email was not meant to be seen by the beggar.
“Any ordinary person in the same situation as the victim and who was the target of these words, would have suffered a loss of dignity for the contempt shown by the accused,” the decision read.