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Turkish man arrested for beheading woman in Tel Aviv

By Mason White 3:36 PM August 7, 2013
Eidan Damirhan and Ilona Denis 

By: Eva Fett
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with murder related charges after beheading a woman in Tel Aviv, according to police reports.

Tel Aviv Police said that the dismembered body of 42-year-old Ilona Denis was found in a suitcase in Tel Aviv on Saturday.
Police on Wednesday released details of their investigation into the killing of the woman.

A Turkish citizen was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion that he murdered the 42-year-old Romanian national, Ilona Denis, before dismembering her body and stuffing her into a suitcase.

Eidan Damirhan, 50, arrived in the country in order to work in construction. He is believed to have been romantically involved with the victim.

The gruesome discovery was made when a bicyclist ran into a suspicious heavy suitcase while driving through the Haghana train station area in southern Tel Aviv.

He tried to move the suitcase aside and decided to alert police after noticing its unusually heavy weight.
The bomb disposal unit arrived at the scene only to discover that the woman’s dismembered body was stuffed into a black garbage bag inside the suitcase.

Once the victim had been identified as Ilona Denis, a nurse who has been in the country for four years, and has a daughter abroad, the police established that she had recently ended a relationship with the suspect.

The suspect was located in Ramat Gan, where police were able to make an arrest. He had his Turkish passport and a bag of clothes with him at the time of the arrest, and is believed to have been preparing to leave the country.