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Woman arrested after telling police her father is dying to avoid a ticket

By Mason White 9:36 AM August 8, 2013
Carley Williams 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested and charged with lying to police related charges after she told police that her father is dying at a hospital in order to avoid getting hit with a speeding ticket, according to police reports in New Hampshire.

A New Hampshire State Police officer said he went to the house of a woman in order to arrest her when he discovered that she lied about her dying father in order to get out of a ticket.

Trooper Christopher Cummings said he stopped Carley Williams, 28, of Nashua, for driving 82 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone on Friday night. The woman gave him a tearful apology.

“She told me her father had stage four cancer, he was breathing just six breaths per minute, and that she was trying to get to the hospital before he died,” Cummings said.

“She seemed pretty emotional. I believed that this person was telling me the truth,” Cummings said.
Cummings said he let the woman go her way after she gave him the name of her father and the hospital where he was allegedly being treated.

“I called the hospital where Williams told me that her father was a patient and asked if he was there. They told me he was not,” Cummings said.

Cummings said he did some research online and discovered that Williams’ father had already died in 2008.
“I’m used to people trying to twist the truth to get out of speeding citations, but this woman took advantage of my emotions as a human being,” Cummings said.

Police said that Williams’ car registration was suspended, a misdemeanor in New Hampshire. Cummings said he brought a copy of the obituary of her father with him when he went to Williams’ home to arrest her on Monday.
“This is not personal, it is a matter of law. The violation occurred in my presence, so I made ​​the arrest,” he said.