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Cross dressing jewelry thief jailed

By Mason White 5:18 AM August 9, 2013
Vasile Bogdan 

By: John Roberts
A man was arrested, charged and convicted of theft related charges after robbing several jewelry stores in the United Kingdom, according to court proceedings.

Now, the man has received a jail sentence for his crimes.
The man, who dressed as a woman in order to fool his victims, has been jailed for 10 years.

Vasile Bogdan, 35, originally from Romania, was disguised as a female customer in order to gain access to stores in East London and Birmingham.

Then, the cross dresser acted as a lookout while others in his gang used hammers to smash windows.
Bogdan admitted to one count of conspiracy to steal.
Jewelry worth more than 300,000 pounds was stolen during the robberies, the court heard.

Judge Richard Marks said the thefts were carefully planned and involved a high degree of sophistication.
Merchants and others customers in the stores during the time of the robberies must have been absolutely terrified by what they saw, the judge said.

The judge said Bogdan had come to the U.K. for the express purpose of involving himself in robberies.
Bogdan had four previous convictions for robbery in Romania between 1993 and 2001, the court heard.

Detective Ralf Kirchel said that Bogdan was caught after one of his victims decided to chase after him. He said officers were still looking for the other gang members.

He said: “This gang has developed a method of operation that worked and they kept repeating the crime, stealing thousands of pounds of gold jewelry. Clearly, they are very organized and planned each offense carefully.
Our investigation is still ongoing and we will do everything possible to locate the rest of the gang.”