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Home collapses under heavy weight of junk accumulated by hoarder

By Mason White 5:31 AM August 9, 2013
Wendy Towers’ home 

By: Debbie Gross
(Scroll down for video) A hoarder caused her home to collapse under the weight of her junk.

The neighbors of the United Kingdom hoarder said they feared she was dead after 22 tons of garbage collapsed the home, but it turned out that she was not home at the time.

People living near the London home of Wendy Towers, 61, said they called police on Tuesday when the 22 tons of trash held on the second floor of her house, caused the house to sag.

“We thought she was dead. We had not seen her for a week, and she was not the type to go on vacation,” Rozmin Najak, 26, who lives across the street, said. “The roof had collapsed, and specially trained dogs were here looking for her. Everyone had begun to believe that the worst happened to her and they felt that they should have done more to check on her. We simply could not believe it when she walked down the street,” she said.

However, Najak and others said they were relieved when Torres arrived home after staying at a friend’s house.
“I had no idea that she was accumulating so much. But I’m glad she’s fine,” Najak said.
Torres said she treated the incident as a new beginning.
“I’m fine. I’m going to stay with friends in Snaresbrook. This is the start of a new beginning,” she said.

London police and fire brigade officials confirmed they were called to the house on Tuesday on a report of a person possibly being trapped in a collapsed house.

“We were called out. We brought sniffer dogs in order to try to establish if there was anyone in the house. We received no indication that someone was inside,” a spokesperson for the fire department said.