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Woman gets ticket after son carries expired license plate on backpack

By Mason White 8:52 AM August 9, 2013
License plate on backpack illustration 

By: Moses Gold
A woman received a ticket after her son carried an expired license plate on his backpack for decoration, according to court proceedings in Italy.

Now, the court has ruled that she must pay the fine.
The appeal of an Italian woman against an expired license plate ticket she automatic received after a camera detected the plate on her child’s backpack, was rejected.

The woman had appealed to local authorities in Genoa after the automated sensors picked up the license plate her son had placed on his backpack as decoration.

The woman said that the license plate was previously registered to her scooter she drove until 2007.
This is not the only weird ticket a person has received. As we reported earlier, public anger is growing in Canada after a disabled man with no arms received a ticket for driving without wearing a seat belt.

The man without any arms in western Canada, said he will do everything possible to fight the ticket for not wearing a seat belt.
Steve Simonar, 55, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, who lost his arms when he was electrocuted more than 30 years ago, has a custom truck that allows him to drive, but the man is unable to buckle up, and last week he was issued a fine for $175.

“I will go to the Supreme Court, I will go to jail for this. I’m never going to pay this fine,” he said with anger.

Simonar said that he presented the Saskatoon police with a doctor’s note the day after receiving the ticket. The officer, who was described as “arrogant and ignorant” and Simonar said his behavior was the same despite seeing the note. “I treat everyone equally, and you disabled people expect different treatment,” the police officer said.

Simonar said that he only learned after he got the ticket that he needs to receive a special exemption from the Saskatchewan Government Insurance, if he does not want to wear a seat belt.

“This officer is the lowest of the low. He should be removed immediately as he has shown that he has no sensitivity towards disabled people. Shame on him,” Laura Davis, 22, of Ogden, Utah told after learning about the man with no arms.

Alyson Edwards, a police spokesperson, said officers have the discretion not to issue tickets, but once they have done so the matter is in the hands of the traffic court.