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Another ultra-Orthodox Jewish soldier assaulted in Jerusalem

By Mason White 12:37 PM August 9, 2013
The soldier who was attacked (Photo via Yedioth Ahronoth) 

By: John Roberts
An ultra-Orthodox Jewish soldier, who was visiting his family in the Beit Yisrael neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel, was attacked by a mob of radicalized ultra-Orthodox Jews, according to police reports.

The group of ultra-Orthodox Jewish teens and young adults, physically attacked the soldier as he walked through the neighborhood minding his own business, police said.

Police said that the uniformed soldier was in the neighborhood to visit relatives, when the mob began throwing fruits and vegetables at him.

The soldier was rescued unharmed by police after he managed to flee from his attackers and hide inside a house of a relative in the neighborhood. When police arrived the mob has already dispersed.
Police searched the area of ​​the alleged attackers, but no arrests were made.

“There were many people there. They threw things at me, boxes, vegetables and fruits. I called police, and when the first officer arrived at the scene they all fled. I am deployed in northern border guard unit. I have no fear. This is Jerusalem, it is my capital. I’m not going to stop walking around here,” the soldier said.

The mob also shouted “Nazi” and “hardak”, which is a derogatory term for ultra-Orthodox Jewish soldiers, during the attack, the soldier said.