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Domino’s Pizza apologizes to customer who left compliment

By Mason White 7:51 PM August 10, 2013
The Facebook post 

By: Shifra Unger
In a bizarre incident, Domino’s Pizza apologized to a customer, who had nothing to say but praise, according to a post uploaded to Facebook.

Domino’s Pizza has apologized by mistake after receiving a compliment on its Facebook page.

A satisfied customer posted a picture of his pizza to the Facebook page along with the caption: “The best pizza. Keep up the good work guys!”

The fast food chain mistook the praise as a customer complaint and sent an apology.
It read: “So sorry for that please share some more information with us at **** and indicate reference #1409193 so we can have this checked out.”

Some suggested that the answer was the result of an automatic response after Domino’s Pizza failed to consider that a customer might leave positive feedback on the Facebook page.

After the error was pointed out, the company said in jest: “No, we meant to say sorry for Jeaneth that it took her so long to enjoy the best pizza in the world. Think of all the pizza that she probably had that was not the best in the world.”