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Police seen on video rescuing 6 women after successful bust of prostitution ring

By Mason White 4:17 AM August 11, 2013
The rescued boy 

By: Moses Gold
(Scroll down for video) Six woman and an eight-year-old child, were saved from a vicious prostitution ring, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Police in Spain said that three people have been arrested in the city of Alzira after they forced a woman into prostitution by holding her son in prison. During the operation, police also rescued five women between 18 and 38-years-old.

Officers of the Grupo Operativo Especial de Seguridad rescued an eight-year-old boy, and freed his mother after raiding the premises of a prostitution ring house in Alzira.

The police managed to bust the group after the woman was able to escape from the pimps while being transported. The child’s mother then contacted police. The police broke into the house to rescue the boy, who was locked in a small dirty room with no ventilation.

The woman had been forced into prostitution by threats against her son and had been subjected to all kinds of harassment and degrading treatment by her exploiters.

The woman was hospitalized due to injuries caused by her captors.
Three members of the organization were arrested and charged. However, the ringleader has managed to flee to Romania.

Police said that in total, five women between 18 and 38-year-old, who had also been forced into prostitution, were also freed.
The operation was conducted in cooperation with the Romanian Ministry of Interior.