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Woman exposes herself to young children after becoming upset at their mother

By Mason White 3:17 PM August 11, 2013
The suspect 

By: Shifra Unger
Police are looking to arrest and charge a woman with indecent assault related charges after exposing herself in front of several children because she became upset at their mother, according to police reports in the United Kingdom.

The incident occurred outside a local supermarket.

The woman allegedly approached the mother of the children, who sat in her car, when she became argumentative in front of the Asda supermarket in Cape Hill, Smethwick, United kingdom.

She suddenly unzipped her black jacket exposing her naked body to the woman and her four children, aged 13, 12, 10, and 4.
The 33-year-old mother of the children then chased down the woman and she managed to take two clear images of the flasher, which police released to the public in order to be able to quickly track down the offender.

The suspect is described as black, and in her late 20s.

Sergeant James Proffitt of the West Midlands Police said that although it was the first time he had heard of “a female flasher”, the crime was being treated as a serious sexual offense, as the incident left the children pretty disturbed.

“The woman did not consider the welfare of the young children, who were exposed to this kind of behavior,” he said.
“This is a very serious crime and I appeal to anyone, who knows this woman, to call us,” he added.
“We do not know why this woman did this, and now she still has the opportunity to contact us and explain,” Proffitt said.

The incident occurred around 8:00 pm in the parking lot of the Asda supermarket in Cape Hill, Smethwick in West Midlands.