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Rapist beaten by community members after delayed police response

By Mason White 3:57 AM August 12, 2013
Street where the incident occurred 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A rapist was severely beaten by community members after it took some time until police arrived to the scene, according to police reports in Michigan.

Detroit Police said that members of a community took matters into their own hands and beat a man, who was accused of raping a girl, 15, with Down syndrome, after police failed to quickly arrive at the scene of the incident.

The 15-year-old victim said that a man grabbed her as she walked to work, took her into his apartment and raped her.
The suspect lives in the same neighborhood as the victim. Members of the Hubbard Farms community said that the man has mental health problems as well. The community distributed flyers about the man around the neighborhood in order to warn others.

Friends of the victim said that the teen waited for seven hours at a hospital in Detroit until police administered a rape exam. They also said that it took five days before police questioned her about the sexual assault and 21 days until the Detroit Police sent the rape kit to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab.

“That’s just not acceptable,” they said. Other community members were equally outraged by what they believe was a lack of a response from the Detroit Police on Monday and took matters into their own hands. The community beat the accused rapist with a baseball bat. The man was hospitalized after the attack.