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Caught on video: Massive brawl breaks out inside New Jersey restaurant, tables and chairs fly

By Mason White 5:01 AM August 12, 2013
Scene of the fight 

By: Sarah Weiss
A major fight broke out inside a restaurant in which diners threw tables and chairs at each other, according to video uploaded to the internet.

It was early Friday morning when a fight between scantily clad women and a few men sent the furniture flying in a restaurant in New Jersey.

The video of the fight was uploaded to YouTube. The video shows exposed women fighting while men and women are yelling obscenities at each other.

The video does not show how the fight started. The fight seemed to cool down after a minute or so, but then a chair was thrown, reigniting the fight again.

Also on the video, a man is seen throwing a table on a woman while breaking glass can be heard during the chaos.
Eventually, police arrived at the scene.

Ewing Police showed up at the restaurant at 3:30 am, arresting 32-year-old Amon Baldwin, who was charged with simple assault for hitting an unidentified 26-year-old, in front of one of the police officers.

“These people were acting like animals,” Peter Gromitsaris, the owner of the Two Peters diner, said.
In terms of damage, Gromitsaris estimated that he lost at least $250 after diners left without paying when the fight broke out. He also said that he lost thousands of dollars after furniture was broken.

“The biggest damage from my point of view is that people who find out about the fight will not come to my restaurant because they will feel unsafe,” he said. “We will not let this happen again,” he also said.

Surprisingly, Gromitsaris said some of the women involved in the fight came to the restaurant a day later waiting to be served. However, he sent them home.

The women are now accusing the restaurant owner of refusing to serve them only because they are black.