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Another Palestinian baby born from sperm smuggled out from Israeli prison

By Mason White 3:28 PM August 12, 2013
Sharif Nazzal 

By: John Roberts
(Scroll down for video) A Palestinian woman claims that she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby after her husband’s sperm was smuggled out from an Israeli prison.

Salam, who is the wife of Jordanian prisoner Sharif Nazzal, gave birth to a boy on Monday in Nablus, the third case of a baby being conceived with smuggled sperm.

The baby, named Sharif, weighs 1.9 kilos or 4 and half pounds, and was born in the Razan Medical Center in Nablus.
Dr. Salem Khaizaran, managing director of the clinic, said Sharif was healthy and the baby is now considered an “ambassador of freedom.”

Nazzal was sentenced to 20 years in prison. He has served seven years.
Last month, Lida al-Rimawi gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Majd, weighing 2.8 kilos or 6 pounds, at the Razan Medical Center.

Majd was conceived through IVF after her husband’s sperm was smuggled from an Israeli prison.
Last year, Dalal Rabayaa, 31, gave birth to a boy at the Razan Medical Center.

She declined to give details of how she received the smuggled sperm, citing security concerns.
“This achievement is dedicated to the Palestinian people, namely, the prisoners and their families,” she said at the time.
There are 16 women who have become pregnant by sperm smuggled from Israeli jails, hospital officials said.