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Casino accidentally awards Ohio man with $1 million

By Mason White 11:02 AM August 13, 2013
Kevin Lewis 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) What is in a name? For one man it meant an extra $1 million.

It all went down in the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati on Saturday night, before cameras and a crowd of expectant people, as the speaker thundered: “Our next millionaire, our next millionaire is Kevin Lewis!”

Cheers rose as Kevin L. Lewis, 52, born in Cincinnati, was named as the second of three winners of a $1 million promotional giveaway this summer. He hugged his fiance to celebrate his instant wealth.

The winner told people at the casino that his fiance kept saying he was going to win because they wanted to go on vacation.
“When I heard my name I said that God finally gave me a big win. There was a lot of shouting and happiness. I was at the right place at the right time,” he said.

The only problem was that Lewis, was not the same Kevin Lewis the casino was looking for.
As Jennifer Kulczycki, communications director of the Horseshoe parent company, Rock Game LLC, said Sunday morning: There were two men with the same name, of Cincinnati, who had entered into the drawing.

The second man, also named Kevin Lewis, 50, a native of Cincinnati, was home when the winner was announced.
“I did not believe it at first,” Kevin Lewis said.

It was only after Kevin L. Lewis stood before the cameras to accept his prize that the casino management realized that the second Kevin Lewis was the rightful winner of the $1 million.

“This was our mistake,” Cincinnati Horseshoe Senior Vice President and General Manager Kevin Kline said.
Kulczycki said the error was discovered only after a final verification of the winner’s identity. At that time, it was too late.

“So, in keeping with our commitment to do the right thing for our customers, Horseshoe awarded a prize of $1 million for each of the men,” Kline said.