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Abbas posts picture of Western Wall with Palestinian flag on his Facebook page

By Mason White 5:46 PM August 13, 2013
The Western Wall with a Palestinian flag 

By: Eva Fett
Israelis are outraged after the Palestinian president posted a picture of the Western Wall with a Palestinian flag on his Facebook account, according to a report by the Palestinian Media Watch.

This incident came to light amid new peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. The Facebook page of the Presidential Guard of the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas recently unveiled a photo illustration with a Palestinian Authority flag superimposed on the Western Wall.

The photo includes a Palestinian young man giving a two finger victory sign next to an Orthodox Jewish man praying in front of the Western Wall. Above the two men, on the Palestinian Authority flag reads “The Al-Buraq Wall,” which is the term Muslims use for the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. Above that is text saying “Palestinian youth know their rights.”

Negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians are set to resume August 14 in Jerusalem.