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Beitar Jerusalem soccer team announces that it will no longer play on Shabbat

By Mason White 6:14 PM August 13, 2013
Beitar Jerusalem fans 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) A popular Israeli soccer team announced that it will no longer play on Shabbat.

The managers of the team said that the decision was made in order to accommodate their large religious fan base.

The Beitar Jerusalem soccer team announced the new decision on Saturday.
The team decided that the games would be held either on Saturday night or on weekdays, according to a decision taken by the new club owner Eli Tabib.

“The club is convinced that the move is very important for a number of reasons including the desire to accommodate traditional-religious people, who are not able to attend the team’s home games,” according to a statement issued by the club announcing the change.

“Because games were played on Saturdays, many fans have not come out Teddy Stadium, therefore, ticket sales suffered. Despite the fact that the decision is a financial risk, Eli Tabib has decided to accommodate fans, which will allow additional groups to come to the games,” the statement also said.