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California man arrested after killing his father’s dog by holding it underwater

By Mason White 3:42 AM August 15, 2013
Bryan Cavanah 

By: Shifra Unger
(Scroll down for video) A man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty related charges after he killed his father’s dog, according to police reports in California.

However, the man who allegedly killed his father’s pit bull claims he has no memory of drowning the animal.
Bryan Cavanah, 21, of Fairfield, said he suffers from seizures and he does not know how he ended up killing 3-year-old Kia.

The animal was characterized as a “therapy dog​​”. Cavanah drowned the dog in a pond at the Fairfield Civic Center while walking the animal as his father, Ronald, worked as a mentor in a Solano County courthouse.

“I was screaming and mourning because I loved that dog,” Cavanah said from the Solano County Jail. “The animal was like a therapy dog ​​for me,” he said.

Cavanah said he regained consciousness in the back of a police car after being arrested by Fairfield Police after reports that people saw him holding the dog under water. Ronald Cavanah said that his son is not responsible for his actions.

“It was not his fault. He does not even understand how he could be in jail for this because he has no recollection of what he was doing,” he said. “He would never hurt that puppy,” he also said.

Cavanah, who was on probation for assaulting a teacher when he was arrested Monday, faces charges of felony animal cruelty and violations of parole in connection with the death of the dog.