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TV sports reporter seen on video suddenly falling down during live television report

By Mason White 10:10 AM August 15, 2013
Nick Collins moment before falling 

By: Ryan Lee Hall
(Scroll down for video) Television viewers were shaken up when they suddenly saw their favorite sports reporter falling off screen, according to video uploaded to the internet.

Sky Sports News reporter Nick Collins suddenly fell off screen while reporting live from Wembley yesterday.
Collins, speaking before the Scotland versus England soccer match, suddenly disappeared out of the picture with a loud noise.
He had apparently been standing on a ladder before his fall.

“Now that’s the kind of thing you hope never happens on live television,” Jim White said coldly when Sky Sports News cut back to him in the studio.

“But obviously it happened to Nick. We are going back to Wembley as soon as Nick Collins will say he is well and fit to convey. Stay with us,” White said.

This was not the first time a news reporter was stopped during a live report. As we reported earlier, a television weather girl just freaked out during her live weather report after a large spider appeared on-screen, and it was all caught on video, according to video uploaded to the internet.

The weather girl, who had the shock of her life, was seen running off-screen after the huge spider started crawling towards her during the live weather broadcast.

Meteorologist Kristi Gordon got scared after the giant bug appeared over her head.
The camera crew explained that the spider appeared on the screen after crawling into the camera. The spider caused Kristi to scamper off-screen, saying: “Oh my God, that was creepy.”

She tried to calm down, but when she saw the spider for a second time, she screamed and ran backstage, much to the amusement of her colleagues.

When the newscasters told her that the spider was not actually in the room, she said she knew, but “it really creeped me out.”