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New Google Glass app ‘JewGlass’ helps Jews get to synagogue on time, find kosher food

By Mason White 2:47 PM August 15, 2013
JewGlass app 

By: David Ross
(Scroll down for video) There is a new application out there for the Google Glasses that helps Jews get to synagogue on time for prayers and also helps them locate kosher food.

JewGlass tells users when Shabbat starts and ends. The app also helps those on foot or car get to a nearby synagogue and can also display prayers if there is no book of prayer available.

The application, released this week, is also able to scan the menus and Hebrew religious texts, and display them on the Google crystal display or read it aloud.

“JewGlass can help you remember things like prayer time frames, where to find kosher restaurants, what to say and what not to say while praying in the synagogue, and Shabbat start and end times. This is just the beginning, the practical applications are endless,” Rusty Brick CEO Barry Schwartz said.

“There is a way to bring people to Judaism, but there is a way to help people, who are already connected to Judaism, to make their life more efficient,” he also said.

RustyBrick was founded by brothers Barry and Ronnie Schwartz and the company has about 30 applications targeting the Jewish market.

It already offers an iPhone Siddur prayer-book and a No Chametz app, which helps users get rid of all their leavened bread before Passover.

People who want to refresh their Hebrew can use an application, while there are also functions to guide users through the evening prayer or help young boys prepare for their Bar Mitzvah.