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Palestinians demand Israel be expelled from international football federation

By Mason White 5:06 PM August 15, 2013
Arab football players 

By: Sarah Weiss
The Palestinians demanded from the international football federation that they expel Israel, according to a statement released by The Palestinian Football Association.

The Palestinian Football Association, also known as PFA on Thursday urged FIFA to expel Israel from the international federation because the country refused to allow teams of young Arabs into the Palestinian territories.

“We asked FIFA for a red card since the yellow card has been raised for a long time now with no results,” PFA chief Jibril al-Rujub announced in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

“We demand the red card in order to take away the legitimacy of the Israeli occupation and we will not accept any compromise,” al-Rujub said.

Al-Rujub said Israel had denied the representatives of the West Asian Football Federation, also known as WAFF, which includes 12 Arabs of the national football associations access into the Palestinian territories to play in WAFF Women’s Under-17 Championship, which was to begin Thursday.

Three directors of the Jordan Football Union, two representatives of the United Arab Emirates and 13 Iraqi officials and players were denied entry, he said.

Al-Rujub said it was contacting WAFF FIFA and the UEFA European football federation, in which Israel also belongs to in order to pressure Israel to issue the necessary permits for the tournament to go ahead.
Israel was due to supply all by Sunday.

UEFA will issue a statement on the matter within 48 hours.
The Palestinian territories are also due to host the WAFF Under-21 World Youth Championship the first week of October.