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Man arrested after demanding cash from Michelle Obama’s bank account claiming to be her son

By Mason White 8:23 AM August 16, 2013
Johnnie Fletcher Gooden Jr. 

By: Sarah Weiss
A man was arrested and charged with illegal drug possession related charges after walking into a bank and demanding access to Michelle Obama’s bank account, according to police reports in Texas.

Bryan Police said that a local man was arrested after claiming to be the newly adopted child of first lady Michelle Obama and asking a bank teller to give him access to her account.

Police were called to Chase Bank in Bryan, Texas, to reports of a suspicious client, who was “trying to gain access to the account belonging to Michelle Obama.”

The bank teller quickly determined that Johnnie Fletcher Gooden Jr. was not who he claimed to be, and asked him to leave.
He refused to leave despite being told that Obama does not have an account at the bank.

When police arrived to question the man, he told officers that “Obama contacted him through Facebook and adopted him. He also said that he was now trying to get money from her bank account.”
The 29-year-old suspect stopped talking once officers began questioning him.

He was arrested and is now in the Brazos County Jail.
The Bryan Police Department spokesperson Kelley McKethan said that a background check revealed that Gooden had outstanding warrants for resisting arrest and assault on a public servant.

He also was charged with possession of marijuana after police found a bag of marijuana in the pocket of his shorts.