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Company offers woman $3 compensation after finding mouse jaw in her breakfast

By Mason White 10:15 AM August 16, 2013
The mouse jaw (right) 

By: Debbie Gross
A woman freaked out after finding a mouse’s jaw inside her breakfast.

The Swedish woman bit off more than she could chew when part of a mouse jaw appeared in her morning muesli. She is very angry at the Ica company after they offered her only 20 kronor, or $3 in compensation.

“Hello Ica! I found this morning teeth in your brand of organic muesli,” Veronica Hammare, 22, wrote on the Facebook page of the company. “To find teeth in my muesli is just disgusting, especially since I found some already in my mouth!” She also said.

However, when she contacted the company to complain, Hammare became even more angry.

“When I called customer service they said they would refund the cost of the muesli,” ​​she said. “So I’ll get 20 kronor because I bought your product and ate animal teeth?” She asked.
Hammare, meanwhile, rejected the compensation offer.

“I will not accept your compensation. ICA!” The 22-year-old wrote on Facebook. She encouraged her friends on Facebook to share and spread her complaint.

Ica said that Hammare has since received additional compensation, but did not specify the amount.
“This definitely should not have happened. We are always very happy when customers contact us in order to let us know when these things occur,” Ica spokesperson Sara Hjelm said.