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Thief who became famous for burglarizing store with exposed behind is jailed

By Mason White 10:42 AM August 16, 2013
Lane Lewis Junior Toto 

By: Moses Gold
A man, who became popular after images of him burglarizing a store with an exposed behind went viral, was jailed, according to court proceedings in New Zealand.

The Far North man, also known as the Buttcrack Bandit, received an 18 month jail sentence.
Lane Lewis Junior Toto of Kaimaumau, burglarized the Houhora Liquor Store in Pukenui, 40 kilometers north of Kaitaia.
Images captured by the security camera clearly shows the man’s behind, local police said.

Toto was sentenced to seven months in prison for the theft. He was also sentenced to jail for assault with intent to injure when he appeared before Judge Greg Davis in the Kaitaia District Court today.

According to the charges, Toto broke open a door of the store and took several cases of alcoholic beverages. Later, he told the arresting officer that he did not drink alcohol in a long time and suddenly got the urge.

It had been a rainy night, and that’s what you do on rainy nights, the man said.
Toto has 22 previous convictions for theft.

Toto was also convicted of assault after throwing a glass cup and a glass container on a woman, who was eight months pregnant, in front of her 12-year-old daughter.