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Police threaten to punish girl, 3, for playing outside her home

By Mason White 4:15 AM August 19, 2013
The children who were threatened by police 

By: Debbie Gross
Some parents are angry after police threatened several children because they were playing outside their homes in the United Kingdom.

A mother has said that her 3-year-old girl has received a threat of an Anti-Social Behavior Order, also known as ASBO, for playing outside of her house.

The parents of Caidence Leadbitter were surprised when they received the letter from the West Midlands Police Department, but police said that neighbors had complained of bullying behavior.

Caidence, along with her two friends, Isabel Cox, 4, and her seven-year-old sister Ellie Louise, have been accused of trampling on plants and trees in Smiths Wood, Solihull, West Mids.

In a letter, Caidence’s mother Kelly, 31, said that the local council, who have the power to apply for ASBOs, will act accordingly if the children don’t stop.

“There have been reports of an increase in anti-social behavior. It is understood that the kids like to play outside, however, this has caused minor damage to nearby trees. This is not an ideal situation and is perceived as somewhat intimidating for the elderly neighbors to see large groups of children. If we identify any damages, Solihull Council will be informed and may even act accordingly,” Solihull Police wrote.

Yesterday Kelly expressed outrage that her daughter, who does not start primary school for another year, has been called “a thug”.

“Caidence always plays outside our house, but she has never caused any problems. She is the sweetest girl you could expect. I cannot believe that the police are basically accusing her of being a sort of anti-social person. It’s crazy,” the mother said.