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Florida woman sparks bomb scare after confusing sex toy with explosive device

By Mason White 4:27 AM August 19, 2013
Bomb tech illustration 

By: Moses Gold
Police and bomb experts were called to a woman’s house after she confused a sex toy with an explosive device, according to police reports in Florida.

A Jensen Beach Police technical specialist determined that the suspicious package received by the local woman was not a bomb.

Instead, it was an erotic device. More specifically, a battery operated sex toy.

The woman, who received the package, told a Martin County Sheriff’s deputy that she received this package in the mail the day before, according to the sheriff’s report released recently.

The unknown item was inside a manila envelope marked Express Mail U.S. Postal Service. The name and address of the woman was listed as both the sender and recipient.

A bomb tech specialist determined that the suspicious package contained a sex toy.
“It was a plastic pink novelty item for adults, with some kind of a plastic rabbit attached to it,” a sheriff’s spokesperson said in a statement. “The receiver said that she did not order it,” the spokesperson added.

The woman named one person who might have sent the item, but she had no evidence. The woman and her husband have active orders of protection against the man.